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Mask QUEERade on Ice

Mask QUEERade on Ice

February 5th – 6-10pm @ Seventh Mountain

Get overdressed and go ice skating with our friends!  Come skate with us at Seventh Mountain Resort on February 5th from 6-10 PM.  It’s going to be the event of the season (because there is literally nothing else going on).  Wear your fanciest or funkiest special occasion mask and all your finest PPE accessories and fashions.  We can’t wait to see you, but not your nose or mouth, soon at the skating rink!

Seventh Mountain Resort will be ensuring the most up to date COVID safety precautions and your well-dressed friends will be there to remind you about those protocols.  That being said we totally understand if you are not comfortable attending outdoor masked social gatherings yet.  We hope to see you later in the year at another event when you are ready. 

Online Pre-Event Registration: https://www-153g.bookeo.com/bookeo/b_seventhmountainriverco_start.html?ctlsrc2=HVtFg5apsAFVB2qFbDufzpsiiTJ06ul%2FISZZ2r2Rum4%3D&src=02h&devent=3153NRMMJF173B2422170_2021-02-05_YiFSywQQxD3F

(Note: reservation is 6-7:20; however, the evet will go til 10pm without need for additional ticket)

There is a very limited max capacity for this 100% outdoor event.  You must pre-register online.  No tickets will be sold day of at the door.  Sign up soon!

What: Ice Skating!
Where: Seventh Mountain Resort
When: Friday February 5th from 6-10 PM
How Much? $5 (use code OUT)