Transgender Healthcare Providers

Central Oregon offers inclusive healthcare for all LGBTQ+ people including trans-gendered, adolescents, and other gender-affirming care . Checkout providers below:

Mosaic Medical – Gender Affirming Heathcare:

(Hormone Therapy)
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Lisa Kuettle FNPYesYesCourtney, Mobile van
Jessica LeBlanc MDYesYesYesCourtney
Jillian Schroeder MDContinue OnlyEast Bend
Heather Barr FNPYesEast Bend
Jasmine LowContinue OnlyYesEast Bend
Lindsey Overstreet BHYesEast Bend, Bend High, Ensworth
Beau Gilmore MD pedsBothYesEast Bend, Bend High
Fred Kane BHMadras
Brian Sullivan MDContinueYesYesRedmond
Elizabeth WintersBothYesEast Bend
Ellie Millan PNPBothYesEast Bend
Matt Mullane MDBothYesRedmond
Mellissa OlinContinueAdultsInternal Medicine
Kerry GilletteBothOlder Adolescents and AdultsYesMobile Van, East Bend Clinic
Havilah BrodheadBothOlder Adults + Accepts OHPBend