OUT in Focus

OUT in Focus is a collaborative project with BendFilm aimed at increasing access to films which highlight diversity and inclusion.

Screenings will focus on establishing a greater depth of culture within Central Oregon by providing space for meaningful discussions related to identity of LGBTQ+ and other marginalized characters – history, culture, sexuality, aging, family, and coming-out issues. Monthly screenings of lesser known films will provide a regular opportunity for community to form, watch, and converse on these topics. Quarterly the gatherings will strive to bring recently released, innovative film where cast and/or crew will be invited in order to provide a first hand perspective to community conversations.


Each year, BendFilm rallies support to continue our mission of using film’s unique power to unite the community and inspire social action.  Learn More about BendFilm’s Mission

Learn More about this project here: outcentraloregon.com/bendfilm-announces-out-in-focus/

Thank you for Bend Design and Visible Alliance for the logo design! visiblealliance.org/bend-design-tournament-october-26

Checkout BendFilm Festival 2020! Including topics representing diversity for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Women, and Aging communities. More info @ outcentraloregon.com/event/17th-annual-bendfilm-festival-oct-10-13-lgbtq-film/


OUT in Focus is honored to have screened several films which impact community conversation around diversity and inclusion.

LGBTQ+ Film @ 16th Annual BendFilm Festival | OCT 10-13!!

  • 11 LGBTQ+ Films
  • Interview with Christian Vachon
  • Local Drag Community on-stage @Hedwig
We Were Here movie poster the aids years in san francisco

‘We Were Here’ – Q&A

  • Director David Weissman Q&A
  • Launch HIV Testing Van

Thank you to our Partners!