It’s Transgender Awareness Week!
It’s Transgender Awareness Week!

It’s Transgender Awareness Week!

Transgender Awareness Week, observed from November 13th to 19th, is a critical opportunity to foster understanding, empathy, and advocacy for our transgender community members. During this week, we come together to celebrate the rich diversity of gender identities and expressions that enrich our world. It is also a time to raise awareness about the unique challenges and discrimination that transgender people face daily. If you or someone you love needs additional resources, here are a few: 

LGBTQ+ Organizations: Organizations like Basic Rights Oregon, GLADD, The Trevor Project, Oregon Chapter, Oregon GLSEN and Human Rights Campaign offer a wealth of resources, including articles, guides, and toolkits, focused on transgender awareness and advocacy. 

Educational Websites: Websites like Transgender Equality and PFLAG’s Transgender Project provide comprehensive information on transgender issues, including legal rights, healthcare, and coming out guides.

Healthcare Resources: Organizations like Gender Hive,  Fenway Health and  Planned Parenthood – Bend Health Center offer transgender-specific healthcare information, including guidance on hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries.

Mental Health Resources: Organizations like the National LGBT Health Education Center offer resources on mental health support for transgender individuals and their families. Deschutes County Suicide Hotline 1-888-232-7192, 24-Hour Crisis Hotline,
Tri-County Crisis Response Team – 541-325-9911, Central Oregon 211, 211 or 866-442-0954

Transgender Rights Organizations: Groups like Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition , Jobs with Justice, Lambda Legal and the  National Center for Transgender Equality focus on legal advocacy and provide resources on transgender rights and discrimination issues.

As OUT Central Oregon continues to reorganize and reprioritize our efforts, we recognize that we need to do more to recognize and support the trans folx and the people who love them in our community. As a prioritized action item to remedy this, we are seeking trans community members who wish to be on our Board of Directors to help direct the work of advocacy, visibility and education in our community. If you are interested please visit our website for more information on how to apply.