Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week: City of Bend

City of Bend Celebrates ‘Welcoming Week’ Sept. 14 to 23 by joining numerous community partners in a series of community-organized events that highlight the principles of inclusion and create communities that prosper because everyone feels welcome.

Community events, including the “Borderless Stories” photography exhibit, a book reading, workshops and educational presentations, Latino Fest, a food truck event and a soccer tournament will provide residents ample opportunity to participate in Welcoming Week.

View the Welcoming Week online calendar for more information on Welcoming Week events. https://www.bendoregon.gov/services/advanced-components/calendar-of-events/-selcat-98

In addition to attending Welcoming Week events, Bend area residents are encouraged to participate in a social media photo contest from Sept. 14 to 23.

To enter the contest, participants must upload a photo with an “I’m a Welcomer” sign to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Tag the City of Bend page and use the hashtags #IWelcome and #WelcomingWeek to complete the entry. One photo will be randomly selected each day to win a prize pack of Welcoming Week and City of Bend goodies.

For more information about Bend Welcoming Week, including event and social media contest information, visit www.bendoregon.gov/welcomingweek.

Welcoming Week is a series of events in the community that raise awareness about Bend’s status as a Welcoming City and the benefits of welcoming everyone, including immigrants and refugees. On June 21, 2017, the Bend City Council unanimously supported a resolution for the City of Bend to be recognized as a Welcoming City. Participation in Welcoming Week is one of the requirements for recognition as a Welcoming City.

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