Dykes on Bikes- Central Oregon Pridefest
Dykes on Bikes- Central Oregon Pridefest

Dykes on Bikes- Central Oregon Pridefest

Happy Pride Month!!! Whether you own a scooter or a chopper, a dual sport or a crotch rocket, all women (completely Queer or awesome Allies) who ride a motorized two wheeled bike are welcome to ride out to Pride! The plan is to meet up at Spoken Moto at 10:30am the morning of Pride (Saturday June 23), hang out there until 11:20am and then be on the road by 11:25am. The planned route takes us around town in a round about way, SEE Google Link:

The end of the ride will take us to Harmon Park where space will be reserved for us to park the bikes. Since we want to be at Pride by noon, kick stands will be up by 11:20am and on the road by 11:25am! That’s a hard start, no waiting for late folks, sorry. Tell all your lady friends who ride or want to ride on the back of a motorbike to come join us! Bring your rainbows and fag shwag, leather, glitter and glam. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the discussion or private message.

Please RSVP so we can know how many ladies to expect on the ride and plan accordingly 🙂


-Fearless leader Madelinn

PS. If you’re an experience rider and want to help coordinate the group ride (momentarily block traffic at round-abouts to keep the group whole) send us a message!