Community Update (March 30, 2023)
Community Update (March 30, 2023)

Community Update (March 30, 2023)

Dear Community,

OUT Central Oregon (OCO) has been taking time to assess the events of the past few months. Our new leadership heard the concerns expressed at the February Town Hall and has engaged with many others in subsequent conversations.  In an effort to address those concerns, we are implementing new policies and practices to demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity, accountability, and transparency to the community. In the time since Winter PrideFest 2023 our new Board of Directors has been hard at work restructuring and strengthening the organization. Moving forward OCO will strive to include more of the community and we welcome your input on how the organization can continue to improve further.


In the near future, OCO will be publishing descriptions of open Board positions the organization needs to fill. The Board position descriptions will outline general responsibilities and skills required of the position. We implore all interested community members to apply to positions they feel would round out the Board.


One way that OCO will remain accountable to the community is by aggressively soliciting feedback. We have several options for community members to voice their ideas or concerns. You may email the Board using the email below or message us directly on OCO social media accounts. Additionally, keep an eye out for future opportunities to connect with board members as we work on offering safe spaces to share ideas about how the organization can continue to effectively advance LGBTQ+ efforts in Central Oregon.


OCO is devoted to holding its Board members to a standard of transparency that all nonprofits should maintain. The Board considers its fiduciary responsibility a fundamental guiding principle. We strive to invest the time and monetary resources donated to OCO in the pursuit of our mission, to promote inclusivity, visibility, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ people by enabling and fostering community engagement. In the coming months, OCO will publish a public financial report for the community to review. By publishing this report, the Board hopes to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring transparency of resources donated to the organization and how those are spent in accordance with OCO’s mission.

Moving Forward

It is a new era for OUT Central Oregon, one filled with the community at its center and transparency as its cornerstone. We hope to be provided the space to show, with actions, how OCO has evolved and to continue to partner with the community to create safe and inclusive spaces for youth and adults in the region we all call home.

How To Get Involved

If you are interested in helping OUT Central Oregon better serve our community moving forward, please reach out. You may send an email with your suggestions and thoughts to As a community-centered organization, we invite continual feedback from those we serve.

Instagram: @outcentraloregon
Facebook: @outcentraloregonLGBTQ


OUT Central Oregon Board of Directors