About Us

We work within the social, cultural, and economic landscape of Central Oregon to provide support and encouragement for the LGBTQ+ community and our allies.  By developing, building, and expanding partnerships with businesses, government, and other organizations, we enhance (strengthen) the supportive and welcoming local culture that encourages community involvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote inclusivity, visibility, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ people by enabling and fostering community engagement.

Out Central Oregon Logo iconceptual drawing of the outline of state of oregon with a rainbow coming from behind cascade mountains and forest

OUT Central Oregon educates the LGBTQ+ community and the public by providing public discussions, lectures, documentary screenings, social gatherings, and outdoor activities.


We serve as a hub for information of interest to the local LGBTQ+ community.  We bring community together in an inclusive and visible manner by promoting social, educational, and cultural engagement.


We support educational and cultural programs and discussions that advance the knowledge and well-being of a diverse population within Central Oregon.


Our partnerships with businesses, government agencies, and other organizations expands our ability to build and encourage community involvement and participation.

Fostering Community Engagement

OUT Central Oregon is committed to developing and supporting inclusive social gatherings, cultural events, and activities that bring well-being to our community.

Board of Directors

Jamie Nesbitt headshot


Jamie moved to Bend from San Francisco with his partner in 2016. Jamie has a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology and works as a senior patent agent in the biotechnology industry.

Vice President

Colin moved to Central Oregon in 2014. He works for a local software company where he specializes in systems automation as a DevOps engineer.


Janet moved to Bend with her partner in 2017. She works as an advocate at Saving Grace and is a competitive distance runner.

Cait Boyce headshot


Cait moved from San Francisco to Central Oregon in 2004.  Since 1971, she has been involved with LGBTQ political organizations

Liliana CABRERA headshot

Education Outreach

Liliana works as a Community Health Educator for Planned Parenthood and has passion to work in the field of social justice.

Get Involved

Join us across Central Oregon to connect, share, and build community with your fellow LGBTQ+ friends, groups, and organizations.