Our Mission

Our mission is to promote inclusivity, visibility, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ people by enabling and fostering community engagement.

OUT Central Oregon educates the LGBTQ+ community and the public by providing public discussions, lectures, documentary screenings, social gatherings, and outdoor activities.


We serve as a hub for information of interest to the local LGBTQ+ community.  We bring community together in an inclusive and visible manner by promoting social, educational, and cultural engagement.


We support educational and cultural programs and discussions that advance the knowledge and well-being of a diverse population within Central Oregon.


Our partnerships with businesses, government agencies, and other organizations expands our ability to build and encourage community involvement and participation.

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Fostering Community Engagement

OUT Central Oregon is committed to developing and supporting inclusive social gatherings, cultural events, and activities that bring well-being to our community.

Get Involved

Join us across Central Oregon to connect, share, and build community with your fellow LGBTQ+ friends, groups, and organizations.